Web Text

Nowadays, for a great many of us, our website is our shop window. As a result, it is common practice to invest heavily in the creation and development of an effective web presence. Often this investment is largely channeled toward the functionality and technical performance of the site. All too frequently, the content, text, or readability of the website is not shown the love. Consequently, the internet is overpopulated with websites that look tremendously flash, and boast every bell and whistle imaginable, but the text is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, clumsy (and often incomprehensible) sentences, and information repeated multiple times.

Often, the reader is left to query the professionalism of the entity behind the website, begging questions like “Do I really want to do business with a company which is happy to portray a public face like this one?”, and “Why would anyone go to such trouble and expense creating a website, but leave the readability of the content in such a sorry state?”.

Fortunately a solution is at hand. For a fraction of the cost of the creation of a website, the content can be quickly revamped as snappy, informative, concise and easily read text which is not only error-free, but keeps the reader engaged. Below are some of the websites The Wordsmith Bureau has rewritten the text for. Contact The Wordsmith Bureau for a quote on upgrading the text of your website.

Check out these websites to see some of the work of The Wordsmith Bureau;




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